Touchstone DX
Touchstone DX is a fully automated sample-to-result system for fast and accurate detection of viruses and bacteria. 
Coherence Bio enables the delivery of
better patient care through
accurate, fast, and easy-to-operate
decentralized testing solutions.

Small Footprint

Compact size fits easily on benchtop and highly transportable for point-of-need solutions. Multiple test-bay configurations available.

On-Demand Testing

Simply load the test cartridge into the instrument for instant testing. Tests can be performed on-demand in random access. 

Low Hands-on Time

Tests are designed to run on Touchstone DX with less than two minutes of hands-on time. Sample preparation and qPCR are performed automatically.

Universal Platform

The Touchstone DX test platform is designed to work with a wide variety of molecular testing targets. Test portfolio development is in progress.

Universal Cartridge
Single cartridge structure adaptable for testing of bacteria and virus.
Sample Preparation
Built-in sample-extraction for complex sample types.
Multiplex Detection
Multiplex real-time detection of fluorescent probes.

Bringing Testing Closer to the Patient

Fast results and ease-of-use complements complex laboratory workflows and personnel constrained settings.
Near Patient
Lab-quality testing for time-sensitive near-patient cases, such as emergency and intensive care.
Remote Care
Portable and stand-alone architecture allows clinicians to test and assist physicians with accurate diagnosis in resource constrained environments.